It’s that time of year again and we’re all receiving lots of political advertising in our mailboxes and on our phones. The political marketing landscape has changed, particularly in the past few election cycles. Data mining and assessing the analytics are critical to effectively strategize and market political brands in both digital and print media.

Capabilities & channels
Candidate branding is more important than ever before with 24/7 worldwide exposure. In order to reach the general public, candidates need to continuously market themselves, and respond in a positive way, to stay at the forefront of people’s minds. All types of media exposure should be considered and synchronized to achieve saturated, effective messaging, typically squeezed into a relatively short campaign season.

Voters expect to see and review candidate marketing. Establishing and reinforcing a political brand that resonates with a diverse audience is a key component of a successful strategy.

In lieu of telemarketers and direct mail, politicians are marketing through the many digital options such as social media, streaming and internet advertising, grassroots efforts and text messaging.

Information is everywhere
People have access to a plethora of knowledge about political candidates. Voters can thoroughly research each candidate’s background, political history, and personal scandals – and this shapes their view and ultimately impacts the vote.

Data tells the story
Political marketers can collect and mine data on voters to decipher the issues they care about and how to reach them.

By evaluating these numbers, marketers are able to pinpoint where to best spend their advertising budget. Microtargeting can reach and influence undecided voters while staying connected with supporters. Candidates can effectively tap into the interests of the nation and then advertise themselves to align with those values.

Crisis management
With greater exposure, political scandals are revealed more frequently than ever. Crisis management skills become a critical skillset candidates and their teams must possess in order to stay in the race.
• Act quickly, not rashly and focus your efforts to solving the problem
• Have a plan of action on file for various scenarios

Regardless of where you stand politically, candidate marketing requires thoughtful, high octane and responsive strategies across all media to be successful.