A professional-looking, well-thought-out trade show table will attract visitors and leave a positive, lasting impression of your business.

To achieve this,  begin with a plan, a sketch or other reference of what you have in mind. Some businesses hire a designer to plan their trade show branding, some do their own research online. Once you have an idea of what you’d like your trade show table to look like, begin with the table covering.

Custom table covers and runners

Table covers and runners come in assorted sizes and styles. Before shopping, consider the following:
Will the cover primarily be draped on standard-size tables or other types?
• Runners are more flexible than covers as they can be used on most common-sized tables, draped over a blank table covering. Runners display your logo prominently on the front or top.
• On a table cover, your logo should be located prominently and can be on the front, sides or top.
• We recommend a washable polyester which has a quality feel to it and is durable.
Three-sided table covers with an open back allow for easy access storage underneath, as well as being convenient for sitting while greeting visitors. Feature your name and logo on the front, sides or on top.

Retractable & backdrop banners

A retractable banner is an advertising panel that can be retracted into a portable frame, housing or base. These banners are versatile and made of durable, lightweight material.

Retractable banners range from table-top to popular larger sizes, such as 33” x 78”. This style is suitable for providing information that can be seen at a distance. Use a professional designer to effectively design an eye-catching message, and include your tagline. Less is more in this case.

Backdrop banners are available in all shapes and sizes and can be as large as 8’ x 10’. These are portable and free standing (or hanging) and can be round, heart-shapes or rectangular.

Table design & merchandising techniques

Your table should be visually engaging.
Research ideas online on how to design an effective trade show display.
• Keep your table neat and organized with baskets or other clean containers that can hold smaller items.
• Choose colors with contrast to allow your logo to “pop.”

Merchandising techniques include effective lighting. LED lights, available in battery powered, are great for accenting graphics without creating glare. Soft halogen lights are best for illuminating people; choose color display lights for featuring products.

Host a contest or offer a hands-on activity that keeps attendees at your booth longer. Add a wheel to spin or ask trivia questions that relate to your business. Give promotional items to those who answer correctly.
Place tabletop giveaways near you to increase opportunities for face-to-face discussions. Place customized swag in two different areas to avoid traffic congestion.


Setup your trade show booth before the event and review your layout. Get input from others. Take photos and use these as your guide to set it up quickly the day of the event.

A well-planned table design and signage will attract visitors, and your positive face-to-face interaction will add to the visitor’s experience of your business. Within the first critical 30 seconds your table should leave a good, lasting impression. 

All Media Marketing & Printing has the expertise and  relationships with 5-star suppliers everywhere. Call us for a quote on expo materials and we promise to deliver a quality product and save you money. “We will make you look good!”