Writing an interesting and effective blog for your business audience isn’t easy. There are critical features that a good post needs to reach and engage your audience. Remember your intent is to get people to your website which serves as your 24/7 global representative.

Effective keyword usage and interesting, useful content for your readers are just two ingredients of a successful blog. 

By including internal links to your website, you can prolong a visitor’s stay, and ultimately increase SEO. The goal is to increase traffic to your website, which hopefully, provides great information about your capabilities with the ability to connect with a live person. Utilize your social platforms to promote teasers of your posts and continue the full article on your website. This creates more SEO activity for your brand.

Analytics reveal a great deal about your visitors’ behavior, such as total time spent, how many pages were viewed, which links were clicked, visitor demographics, and more. This information will tell you which topics have been popular, and how people behave once they arrive at your website.

Remember a blog takes time and consistency to generate traffic and earn confidence, and analytics will always measure the progress of your posts. 

Magnetic headlines

A blog headline, like an elevator pitch, should deliver enough information so that the readers will want to hear and know more.

• Give some indication of what your article is about.
• Make the reader want to read your first paragraph. The headline needs to pull people in, so use words that will grab their attention and make it stand out. People are moved to act by their emotions.

Compelling lead

The first sentence or short paragraph of your blog should draw your readers in and compel them to continue reading. Be concise and be genuine.


• Subheads break up the text to make the page more visually appealing
• They help your reader navigate to specific sections of your blog
• Subheads boost SEO

Informative & engaging content

Your blog topic can be about anything – from new trends to a funny, personal story, or be instructive. Over the course of time, your objective is to build a relationship with those who follow your blog. Let people get to know you, your expertise, business and culture.

Appealing graphics & supportive video

It’s very effective to include graphics in your posts to illustrate points and break up text. Adding video is another great strategy to get visitors to visit longer. When promoting your content on social media, always include a photo or graphic.


Every blog article should have a strong call-to-action. This can be in a variety of forms and be achieved through different tactics. What action do you want your visitors to take? Perhaps ask them to submit a comment, read another blog on your site, or to check out a product or service you offer. You might offer exclusive content or a special discount in exchange for an email address.

Meta descriptions

When it involves technical skills like meta descriptions – the snippet Google displays in search results, you may want to seek a professional’s help as it involves HTML code. Otherwise, Google will pull from the first sentence or two of your article. This default may work or you, but this is something you can control.

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