Spring is a season of rejuvenation and renewal. It’s a period of transformation for nature, as well as for businesses and their audiences. The arrival of spring inspires consumer optimism and, as a result, increased spending.

Tapping into spring themes can make your marketing messages resonate more with the audience. It gives your campaigns a topical relevance that catches attention and stays memorable.

Spring holiday themes are marketing opportunities
From Easter to Mother’s Day, spring is dotted with holidays that present abundant promotional opportunities. Tailoring campaigns around these occasions can drive sales and foster a deeper connection with the audience.

Work tax season into your marketing
For many, spring coincides with the receipt of tax returns, providing extra disposable income. It’s a great time to introduce special offers or tax-incentive sales.

The outdoors beckon – perfect for experiential marketing
With the pleasant weather drawing people outside, businesses have a golden opportunity for outdoor events, pop-up shops, and other experiential marketing strategies. It’s a chance to engage customers in fresh, interactive ways that aren’t as viable in colder months.

Bring people together
Spring is a time of renewal, energy and positivity and your marketing should reflect this vibe. Bringing people together in person should be one of your goals through meet-ups, workshops, industry events, local events and promotions.

Go against pricing trends
Historically, prices of goods go up across the board in the spring – driven by economic building blocks such as fuel and housing. Buck the trend by offering deals and discounts on your product during this time.

Spring-ify your brand
While you spring-ify your products and offerings, consider your brand! While maintaining brand consistency is key throughout the year, consider adding seasonal flair to your branding to help your business stand out. Consider swapping out a company color, adding a flower to a brand logo, or changing your business’s social profile pictures could all help to make your brand more memorable this spring.

Partner with Relevant Businesses
This is a good season for restaurants, florists and travel businesses. See if you can partner with brands in any of these areas and build some extra brand awareness and reach for yourself. Consider co-creating special promotions or bundle offers with these businesses to attract a wider audience. Organize joint events or webinars that cater to the interests of both customer bases. Leverage each other’s social media platforms for cross-promotion. Collaborative initiatives like community spring festivals or markets can also be a great way to gain visibility and engage with potential customers.

Host a virtual Easter egg / scavenger hunt
Even if Easter isn’t a big holiday for your brand, marking the occasion with a virtual egg / scavenger hunt is a great way to engage your audience, encourage product discovery, and influence purchases.  Hide “eggs” around your website and include discount codes or special offers inside each one. Promote the event in advance so people have time to plan their purchases. Use your marketing channels to send reminders and share clues throughout the campaign.

Engage in local cleanup
Create a marketing effort related to the annual celebration of Earth Day that takes place in April. Coordinate a group participation or sponsor a cleanup project or  planting event, and invite the community to join in.

Try out new things
Spring is a time to clean out the old and bring in the new. Assign small budgets and blocks of time to try a few new marketing initiatives. Perhaps form creative alliances, start a YouTube channel, launch a media campaign, contact  influencers or bring in a marketing intern. This is a great time to redesign your website, create a Facebook ad initiative, work on improving your website conversions, and improve your customer service and experience.  If your strategy works, then it is worth investing more energy  into.

*Excerpts  from attentive.com & https://smallbiztrends.com/