Are you a business owner who needs to give a presentation, and make a good impression with investors or other stakeholders? Below is information on software and some interesting topics you might consider.

Presentations of all sorts require a well-thought-out plan and outline, with graphics, charts, and video, is easy to read and follow.

A trending and practical strategy is to include select presentations on your website or internal server for visitors or employees to review. Topics might include information on new products or be a newsletter.

According to, the best presentation software provides:
• a good design library
• customizable presentations
• flexible share features
• seamless media integration
• reasonable cost or free
• compatibility to edit and present in multiple devices
• ease of use

Popular software include:
Powerpoint – the most popular
• Keynote – use on a Mac, iOS or iCloud, compatible with PowerPoint
• Prezi – designed for people who aren’t designers
• Google Slides – create online or download
• Slidebean – powered by AI
• Slides – is open source, cloud-based too
• These offer a free version as well as subscription levels that have more features

Great topics
1 – The Portfolio
Showcase your skills and past projects. Use this type of presentation to pitch to your clients, and explain your process or speak about the results you’ve gotten for your clients. This type of presentation can also be used to educate new employees.

2 – Introduce New Products
This is a great management tool to introduce a new product for example. Presenting information through a presentation is a professional and convenient way to introduce new merchandise or equipment to staff and clients.

3 – Data Analysis
Data analysis can be useful for internal use as well as stakeholder information. This can illustrate how the business in general or a particular sales strategy is performing. Analyzing your data helps you and your audience recognize current and future problems. Utilizing charts makes it easier for people to visualize and understand the significance of the numbers.

4 – Meet The Team
Getting to know co-workers is important for a healthy work environment. When your team members get to know each other, they’ll be able to collaborate more effectively. A simple presentation can work really well for this purpose. Consider including a brief professional bio and a few interesting facts about each team member.

5 – Business Plan
Business plans document long- and short-term objectives and can help generate ideas on what to do when your business encounters a problem. It also demonstrates to stakeholders that you have a well-thought-out strategy.

6 – Marketing Strategy
Marketing strategies should depict your company as both professional and appealing. Every business should have a marketing plan and this makes a great topic for presentations to investors and managers. A marketing presentation informs the audience what your business is all about.

7 – Pitch Deck
Maybe you’re starting out, and you’re pitching your business to stakeholders or investors. Having all of your information, examples and client testimonials in one place helps stakeholders engage. It shows potential investors everything they need to know about your business idea.

8 – Newsletter
Update your employees about what’s happening. Likewise, it’s important to keep employees updated and inspired with a graphical, well-written newsletter. Present important information, add photos and videos. Newsletters are not limited to internal distribution, and can be used to keep clients updated on industry news, trends and products.

9 – Brand Guidelines
Brand consistency is critical in marketing and establishes familiarity and trust with your customers. Brand guidelines should be defined clearly within your organization and online access to this information can be a useful resource for vendors. These guidelines specify the brand colors, visual style and application standards across your marketing and vendor channels.

Presentations can be a creative and practical means to convey your messaging as well as a valuable resource for employees and clients. Posting selectively online will you save time and money. Be creative, clear and succinct in your presentation and your audience will respond positively.

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