People flock to conferences and conventions for all kinds of reasons, from learning new things to exchanging ideas to mingling with industry pros.

In the United States, about 40 million people attend business events every year, with most (76%) going for the networking opportunities. That’s not the only big draw, though. Nearly 70% of attendees consider in-person B2B conferences a prime opportunity to learn about new products.

Event planners are feeling optimistic, with 44% saying they’ll increase their event budget this year, and nearly 60% saying they’ll increase their budgets by more than 10%. The U.S corporate event market as a whole, which includes conferences and conventions, is projected to top $510 billion by 2030.

Whether companies organize events to refine sales strategies, celebrate success, shape industry standards or achieve some other goal, promo helps elevate the entire experience – before, during and after the conference or convention.

Desk drops with various promo products can help get employees excited for upcoming conferences and conventions. When they arrive on site, customized snacks and treats can welcome attendees to a conference venue and engage multiple senses. At seminars, branded items like notebooks and pens are immediately useful, and after the event, merch like mugs and apparel will remind attendees of their experience and help create a community around an event.

More and more event teams are looking to transform a conference from a day- or weeklong engagement to an all-year community. Promo can help foster meaningful connections and encourage participants to support each other after the conference or convention.

Promo also lets companies highlight their commitment to sustainability, which is becoming increasingly important to employees. Research from Deloitte shows that 69% of professionals want their company to invest in sustainability efforts. Items like reusable water bottles and tote bags made from recycled materials are useful at conventions and conferences while also aligning with employees’ values.

Want to maximize your impact at conferences and conventions? Grab your lanyard – we’re walking you through some trends and sharing ideas for elevating any business event with promo.

What Do Attendees Want Most?

Event planners can make conferences and conventions more appealing by giving attendees what they’re craving. Some of the most-requested offerings at business events include:
• Webinars (62%)
• Meetups and networking opportunities (54%)
• Online roundtables (50%)
• Live chat (49%)
• In-person roundtables (46%)
• Podcasts (40%)
• On-demand content access (39%)
• Resource libraries (33%)

Promos can point people to these offerings and drive registrations for roundtables and other events.

Most Popular Meeting Types

According to the American Express Global Meetings and Events Forecast, attendee numbers are increasing the most for:
• Internal team meetings/trainings
• Product launches
• Small/simple meetings

If event organizers see their budgets expand, 32% say they will focus on improving the on-site experience. A great way to do this? Promo. Incorporate custom barware at networking events or give branded laptop bags at breakout sessions.

Pick Your Promo By Location

Many factors go into a conference destination, from travel logistics to a venue’s amenities. Some of the most popular cities for U.S. conferences include Las Vegas, Orlando, San Diego, Dallas, Washington and Chicago.

Consider where a convention is being held when selecting the most helpful promo. For example, branded umbrellas may come in handy for a springtime conference in D.C., while logoed lip balm makes a useful giveaway for Las Vegas conference-goers. Or, go with perpetually functional items for traveling, like luggage tags or hand sanitizer.

Adding Value To Virtual Events

Virtual events can’t replace IRL experiences, but they do provide benefits like greater accessibility and lower costs than in-person conferences and conventions. A LinkedIn poll reveals that 62% of people would consider attending a virtual conference for the education, while 26% would log on for networking opportunities. Promos like branded notebooks and mugs add a personal touch when people participate from afar.

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