All Media Marketing & Printing are experts in publication design, project management, copywriting and graphic design. To stay competitive, we consistently research the industry and marketplace for standards and pricing structures for print and digital products. As expected, there are a range of prices and packages available that may be confusing to the consumer regarding what services are included and what that means regarding the quality of service and your specific needs.

Client initial concerns involve the costs in designing a new publication or the redesign of an existing publication.If you are wondering if you should handle the layout of your next annual report, magazine, or newsletter yourself, consider that beautiful publications rarely spring from non-designers using MS Word or Canva.  Working with a publication professional – a very specific type of graphic designer, ensures that your publication has style, is easy to read, reflects the quality of your leadership, and presents your organization in a favorable, professional light. 

Cost factors in designing a publication include:

1. Design sophistication 
A professional design can consist of a simple treatment and arrangement on the cover. It could be an arrangement of photos juxtaposed with a title. Or, it can be complex, such as a conceptual approach that represents the subject matter within. This approach would require a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter, creative brainstorming, and more sophisticated approach by the designer.

2.  Design options
With tight budgets, publication managers typically review an initial creative brief and are presented with a single design option, followed by a round or two of refinements or edits. As budgets expand, more cover design options are possible. Once a cover design is chosen, it is finalized, and one or more inside spread designs are presented for feedback and refinement. Design time and fees both increase with each design option requested.

3.  Images
Will imagery be required, and if so, will they be supplied to the designer? The time spent for stock photo searches will add to the design estimate. While there is very affordable and free stock imagery available these days. Occasionally something less common or more specific may be desired, and the cost of the royalties and extra effort in finding or creating unique imagery is an additional consideration. If a photo shoot is required, consider the costs of the photographer, and whether or not you are requesting full rights to the photographs taken.

4. Design reviews and edits
As the client, consider how long it will take to get a design approved up the chain of command and your budget will need to accommodate the levels of review. It’s most efficient and cost-effective for the designer to work directly with the final decision-maker.

5. Cost factors of layout
When the product design has been approved, consider the following when estimating the cost to layout your publication:
• The word count
• Images and photos that need to be sourced, retouched, and/or managed
• The number of charts, graphs, and tables, and the complexity of each
• The number and scope of editing rounds expected (three or fewer is typical)
• The number of unique sections, section openers, and unique page layouts 
• Foreign languages required
• Timeline: rush or standard schedule
• Data management and formatting

Things to consider in planning your production schedule:
• Get the agreement in writing
• Estimates should include details & specifics
• Create timeline
• Customer service expectations
• Proofing schedule
• Pre-production planning
• Ad sales
• Content sources

Factors to consider when shopping for a designer or publisher: 
• Industry experience
• Portfolio / Capabilities Overview – products and design
• Customer reviews
• Product samples
• Production timeline
• Proofing process
• Pre-production planning
• Photography, stock and custom artwork
• What’s included
• What’s not included

Depending on the experience and skill level of the designer(s) or agency, and cost factors listed above, typically design and layout costs will fall in the range of $80-$150 per page. Specialized design, graphics, photography and time considerations will be additional. Review the proposed payment schedule. For example, All Media Marketing never asks for the full amount up front. Our standard policy is 50% deposit upon engagement and 50% due upon delivery.

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