Content is the fuel that engages your audience and ultimately drives sales. Providing compelling, quality content is critical as potential clients and buyers typically do their own research before making a purchase decision. Standing out in the crowded digital landscape requires innovation and credibility.

Interactive content experiences provide a fresh and innovative way to engage your audience.

Downloadable (conventional) pdfs such as brochures, white papers and customer support manuals, engage your audience, but cannot be tracked, measured, or made interactive. Giving them a unique url and adding interactive features will enable these assets to measurably perform well and be fully responsive.

Producing digital publications and products, will not only emerge your audience more deeply, but save huge amounts of money on printing and distribution, while reaching a larger audience. 

There are numerous ways to present content experiences in order to engage and track the behaviors of your visitors.

Interactive white papers 

White papers are long-form, technical pieces of content often used to position you as a leader on a specific subject. Add video, interactive forms and graphs to further engage visitors.

Digital magazines 

Digital magazines are highly versatile and can be used as  sales collateral, internal resources, and feature  magazines. Visitor analytics such as average reading time, reader location, and social media engagement can be measured.

Annual reports

Annual reports highlight a company’s financial overview and are typically targeted towards shareholders. By using interactive content experiences instead of PDFs, a company can gain insight into how this critical segment of their audience engages with each section.

Interactive newsletters

Liberate your newsletters from the limitations of email and incorporate interactive experiences. Digital media allows you to incorporate audio and video, embedded forms, and much more. 

Digital brochures

Digital brochures present your company’s products and services in an engaging and personalized way. They’re more effective than traditional printed brochures because they allow for embedded media, retroactive updating, performance monitoring, and can be integrated with your CRM.  They will also save you money on printing and distribution, while allowing you to reach a larger audience. 

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