Online video consumption is soaring. Consider that 93% of brands acquired a new customer because of a video they posted on social media.Video content is effective to capture the viewer’s attention and drive sales unlike anything else. Viewers claim to retain 95% of a message when seen through video.

When incorporated into digital publishing (magazines, catalogs, brochures and newsletters, for example), video enhances the content experience. Video options also add value for your advertisers.

To compliment print or as a stand-alone, digital products are very cost effective to produce and update, and inserting videos does not add to the publishing cost. Online videos communicate your branding message to the public 24/7, on all devices, worldwide.

Here are five types of video content can add to your online presence:

Supplementary Videos
Presenting background information and/or divergent voices, supplemental video raises awareness and increases understanding of complicated stories. Embedding supplementary videos also increase time on a page and article engagement.

Exclusive Videos
Online readers expect to find interactive content in digital products, and including exclusive videos is one way to enhance the user experience. Behind-the-scenes videos and interviews are great examples that can compliment editorial content.

Curated Videos
Curated lists can be used in just about any product to showcase popular videos from the web on a specific topic. Videos can be curated by your staff or your online community to highlight popular trends.

How-to Videos
If your article describes a process – whether a DIY project, recipe or fitness workout –  include a video to show readers exactly how to execute each step. How-to videos are a great content marketing strategy since they can be re-purposed for social media posts which helps drive traffic to your publication or website.

Promotional Videos
Magazine publishers can offer advertisers the opportunity to enhance existing print ads with branded videos or by creating sponsored editorial content with embedded video. Promotional videos are a win-win for both advertisers and publishers since they boost brand engagement and increase advertising revenues.

All Media Marketing specializes in digital publishing. We have partner resources for creating custom videos, including filming, scripting, editing and providing talent. We also can customize existing or stock footage. Call us to find out more.