Trends in graphic design, as in fashion, change every year. Designers, marketing experts and others follow industry resources for the latest colors and design styles that are impacting the landscape.

The styles listed below represent a few revivals from days past that are given a second life – old elements combining with new. So, why are these styles resurfacing?

According to, current trends include:
• 90s nostalgia
• Expressive / experimental lettering
• Daydream doodles
• Anti design

Nostalgia – revives the comfort of days gone past
Whether we consider kitchen design, a fashion item, the choice of colors and fonts in graphics, people are responding to the calm and comfort of days gone past in this post pandemic environment. The 90s were a melting pot of different trends defined by many genres and styles in music, fashion, advertising and decor. Whether you favored the grunge aesthetic or bubblegum pop, the decade was about challenging the ‘classic’ rules.

Some of the world’s biggest brands have begun revisiting 90s pop culture in their advertising, and experimenting with iconic design styles, such as grunge, Memphis Style and anti design.

Expressive & experimental lettering – a more detailed communication
As the world becomes more global and online, words alone can fail to convey meaning between cultures. As designers respond to this, lettering pushes the bounds of easy legibility to create graphic characters that are expressive in themselves.

Mismatched letter styles, mind-bending shapes and amorphous blobs are part of this category. Letter styles challenge the distinction between abstract shapes and readable letters. Expressive lettering may not be for everyone, but can be an exciting element in graphic design.

Daydream doodles – they feel personal
Doodles are more than meaningless shapes. What someone doodles can actually reveal a lot about them.

These approachable drawings are not only intensely personal, they bridge the gap between digital tools and a human touch. This design style does not have to conflict with digital design – incorporating animation tools can bring these characters, words and personalities to life.

Anti design – a response to predictability
Anti design is a rebellious response to the strict design conventions that pertain to cross-platform app usability. Digital interfaces often have to be predictable and easy to read. The anti designers are breaking free of those rules by embracing asymmetry, clashing colors, bare interfaces, crowded elements and stark typography. Its rebellious spirit can apply in any design context. To critics, the style is ugly or seems confused, but to its champions, anti designs are liberated from what is considered standardized appeal.

Staying current on trending styles keeps us all inspired and equipped with a plethora of ideas. How far you take each design project is up to you.

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