Perfect for all industries!

Does your corporate office have a well-designed website? Does it help YOU capture leads? Does it provide a personalized connection between you and those you’ve connected with at networking events, or given your business and to?

Typically, corporate websites funnel inquiring visitors into their “system”, where your agent’s name may be difficult to find and your sale, perhaps lost.

The great news is that you can have a cost-effective, branded landing page that represents both you and your corporate office. With your own page, you are in control and have direct communication with your visitors, and will benefit from any resulting sales.

The landing page

A landing page is a single page that is clean, easy to navigate and represents you as an agent for your employer, your capabilities and the products you sell. This branding strategy is very highly effective in all industries.

Make sure your page is easy to navigate and provides the relevant information your visitors – and potential customers – are looking for.

Consider the following for your agent page:

1 – This page promotes you and your capabilities

2 – Keep the focus on the main objective with a clear call to action

3 – Know your corporate policy on having a landing page

4 – Maintain the required brand specifications

5 – Include:
• Your mission statement
• Your photo
• A means to gather and harvest contact information to generate leads, i.e. a contact form

6 – Be clear about the products you sell

7 – Link your social media

8 – Add 1-2 testimonials

9 – Landing pages are easy to update

10 – Track your analytics

Having your own landing page is a proven strategy for success, and happens to be very cost-effective.

How we can help!

All Media Marketing provides strategies, website development, design and customized content to tailor landing pages to individual  needs. Give us a call at 321-698-1550 for more information.

Thank you to Realtor Evan Lobalbo for allowing us to feature his landing page as an example. Visit